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Getting Back to Normal

  • Supporting our Businesses

  • Taking care of our Front Line Workers

  • Investing in Education

  • Protecting our Seniors

  • Revitalizing our Health Care System 


All school districts are funded through property taxes. I will fight for introducing legislation that mirrors successful tax relief programs that help those on a fixed income pay only a fraction of their assessed property taxes.


Currently, school districts have been forced to raise property taxes to pay tuition to outside charters and cyber schools. We need to pass legislation that says if a school district has its own cyber school, and parents wish to send their children to an outside charter, then the parents must pay for it. If this legislation was passed, Boyertown Area School District, as one example, could save up to $3 million a year. The powerful charter lobby in Harrisburg has stopped this legislation from even coming up for a vote. Charters and Cyber Charters are privately run entities being funded by public dollars with no accountability. I don’t believe that it is okay that your hard-earned tax dollars can go right into a CEO’s pocket, instead of your child’s classroom.


Although there have been increases in education funding in the last several years the bulk of this money has not gone into the classroom to improve the education of our students. Instead, the money has gone to the teachers’ retirement system (PSERS). This is due to the lack of responsible financial planning in Harrisburg during years of economic growth followed by a recession. Now school districts are stuck with the bill. In addition, school districts have seen an increase in the need for special education and school safety funding, causing many school districts to have budget shortfalls. I will fight to restore the cuts made by the Corbett administration and require funds to be used in a fair and fiscally responsible manner.


We want to keep seeing our communities thrive and grow, but we need support from Harrisburg to make that happen. Whether it’s an extended commute due to traffic, a flooded basement, or rising sewer bills, infrastructure issues impact everyone. I want to see common sense bills in Harrisburg that will support our municipalities and take proactive steps to improve and maintain our infrastructure across the Commonwealth.

  • Stormwater maintenance

  • Traffic and road quality

  • Long-term green and sustainable infrastructure including solar and wind

  • Open space

  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

  • Telecommunications and internet 

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